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One Week Down, Three To Go

Got some pics to share.

100_1092.JPGHey guys,

Things are still going well. I think I have covered most of Whistler Village now, been into most of the shops and spent alot of money. The next couple of days i will be on the mountain (spare a thought for my muscles wont ya), will also be doing some walking around the neighbourhood checking out the scenery.

Looking forward to boarding, a little scared but Em will b there to hold my hand (ALL the ways down!!!) lol The view from up there will be excellent. Em had the next couple of days off to look after me so that will be great.

Easter was quiet here, made and ate some rocky road instead of easter eggs (very few to choose from). Didnt see any easter snow bunnies (they turn white in the snow!!!) or any bears yet either. Am really hoping to see one cause there are heaps around here but am also a little scared about actually seeing them up close and personal. Apparently they are more scared of us than we are of them so last night when i was walking home alone (about 9pm, not late but dark) i was purposefully walking very loudly and even singing at some stages (no im not crazy, was jus scared! plus im a good singer!!!!)

So will put some of these pics on for ya.
Love yas, take care, Bec

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Its snowing!!!

Hi All

Have been keeping busy the past couple of days. Monday we travelled back into Van to go to an Ice Hockey match. Had a great time, unfortunately the Vancouver Canucks lost, but its a great atmosphere and the stands were pretty packed! Encountered a few homeless people afterwards whislt trying to find somewhere to have a drink. Plenty of them around unfortunately. We bought a pitcher (jug) to share and tasted some of the local Candaian beer (truefully i cant tell the difference between beers, so any is good). Stayed the night in the YWCA, was a nice room and had yoghurt n a muffin for breaky at the Vancouver library food court.

Tuesday spent some big bucks buying plenty of souviners etc. Sears is a pretty cool place to shop (like our Myers) and found an awesome little shop called Claire's (so u can guess where your pressies came from Claire)! After spending all our money we headed back to Whistler to catch up with some of Emma & Kris' friends for drinks.

They have a great mixture of friends here. Lets just say having a group made up of Quebecer French (they speak French but its a little different to 'normal' French and live in Quebec in Canada), Kiwi's and Pommies makes playing drinking games very interesting, yet very confusing!!!!

Wednesday was a quiet one. Took another trip to the supermarket where all products have to have english and french. It can make it difficult to do things in a hurry when there is so much to read. Some products will have the english version facing forward with the french version sitting next to it, others have the french underneath the english. Quite confusing.

A couple people have asked me about seeing Mounties. Im yet to be that lucky, however i have seen plenty of police and police cars. Even saw them arresting a homeless guy for hanging around the library food court. Apparently they dont like that too much, they put him in the cuffs n all.

Okay guys well thats it for now. Keep up the comments and emails, its still nice to hear whats been happening at home.

Hope you all have a good Good Friday (haha funny i know) and a lovely Easter. You all get a couple days of holidays now like me so have fun!!!

Take care, Becsta

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Arrived Safe n Sound!

Made it safe and sound. Flight was long and fairly boring. Didnt get the cool little video screens in front of me that everyone promised I would, so was a bit disappointed with that. Apparently Air Canada isnt as cool as some other airlines!!

Was really glad to step off the plane at Vancouver airport after a great view of so many HUGE snow capped mountains. While at the airport I had some trouble trying to figure out how the phones worked (and with some great advice from a local) i managed to ring Emma & Kris and inform that that i had arrived a day earlier than expected and to wake Mum & Tone up at 4.30AM (totally forgot about the time difference, sorry guys).

Didnt stay in Vancouver for the 1st night like had planned, I just wanted to get all the travelling out of the way in one day, so caught bus from airport to a shuttle bus to the Greyhound bus depo. The bus left at 3 so had some time to do some shopping while waiting (no really great place to shop-but good for cheap stuff - compared to airport 4 sure!) Turned out that the bus ride from Vancouver to Whistler wasnt as bad as i expected it was actually really pretty. There are trees everywhere even in the city there are heaps, and its like the mountains come right down to the road. The ride started to get more exciting when i could see snow on the sides of the road and the mountains are absolutely everywhere!!!

Hope thats enough 2 keep ya going for a while. Im fine and having great fun so far. Off to adventure more, will write again sometime soon.

Love Bec

PS - hope your alright Ang, have to be more careful sis, you got a wedding coming up the last thing you need is a few scars! Good old Max hey, bit of a nuffer!
Thanks for the message Josh, glad u had a great night in Blrt. How did u pull up on Sunday after i left?

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The Countdown Begins

16 hours to go!!!

The credit card came through, yay!!! so happy, it jus puts a little less pressure on me in case i get in trouble. Picked up some CAD Canadian Dollars at lunch...feeling pretty organised now. Still yet to chuck things into the suitcase, its just a matter of deciding which to include and which to exclude.

Found it hard to go to sleep last night, I kept getting up and putting things with my suitcase then getting back into bed before remembering something else id forgotten. Have resigned to the fact that whatever i have forgotten I'll jus buy over there! A great excuse to go shopping! :)

So will leave work about 4.30 tonight, pack my bag and do my dishes (dont want the flat to stink when i get back!) and then head off to Ararat. Have to stop in Elmhurst to pick up Claires ski jacket and gloves then get to see the fam. Looking forward to seeing them cause I havent seen them for a while. Have to show them all the wedding stuff too.

I know saying goodbyes is going to be the hardest bit, not looking forward to that but i am looking forward to the adventure!

Next blog should be from overseas.
Catch ya soon, Bec

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Almost time to leave

Today is Thursday. I have just finished classes for the day and the last couple of hours of the work day seem to be dragging (hence the reason Im writing this!).

Bright and early this morning i was mucking around with the 360 photos from the wedding, trying to edit them so they are watchable and i can burn them to CD and take them over with me to show everyone. The repetitiveness of the crop, red eye and rotate was starting to blur my vision so left for work jus after half past 8.

This morning was great, I was in a fantastic mood and the students and I had heaps of fun. This afternoon didnt run quite as well. At lunch i went to the bank (again!!!) to talk about the credit card that they always said they would rush through and i would most likely recieve it by Friday (before i go). Like i said up the top, its Thursday and i still dont have it. Ahhhh!!!! But i should b fine, I'll survive with or without it. Will just have to budget better without it! :)

After the bank I visited Grandpa in hospital. The nurse told me that he hadnt been to good today, he'd had diarrhoea all day, but she was surprised he had eaten his lunch. Grandpa told me himself that he wasnt too good and was being pretty negative about things. That was hard to hear and hard to convince him of otherwise. I just hope he gets better soon.

So i think thats pretty much where orgainsing the trip is up to now, i have kinda packed. I have a couple of each item of clothing sitting out, i jus have to decide which one im taking. I bought a padlock for my bag yesterday (you'll be pleased to know Mum), and another space bag, just so that i can fit more stuff in!

Okay so better go now, hope to write some more tomorrow before i leave then will continue to update whats been happening here instead of sending individual emails. If you play around with this site apparently there is some way for u to get emails that alert u to when i have added a blog. Good luck with it.

Catch ya, Becsta.

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