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JoJo Tours to Niagara

Wednesday i headed out pretty early to catch a tour to Niagara Falls. I was one of 11 people who all fitted into the back of this swish black vanny thing (you know what im like with cars, lol) and off to Niagara we went.

About a 1 1/2 hour drive later we arrived at the falls. I was the only one to take up the discounted ticket to go up the Skylon tower to get a bigger picture of the falls (they really dont know what they were missing out on, the pictures are the proof)!!!

This is the tower (obviously) lol.

And this is the awesome view you get of the Horseshoe Falls (the falls on the Candaian side of the river).

And just as awesome a view of the American (can u guess what side of the river that is on? lol) and Bridal Falls.

The large falls on the left are called the American Falls and the small one by itself on the right is the Bridal Falls. Together all three falls are the Niagara Falls.

After the tour i went on the 'Journey behind the Falls' which is where u take an elevator down and then walk through a tunnel that leads right out so that you can see the falls from behind. Obviously you cant go all the way to touch it because it is fenced off but you get to appreciate how loud and powerful it is by standing behind it. On the same 'journey' you walk out onto a platform and stand right beside the falls. This is where i took this pic from.

After that i took the 'Maid of the Mist' boat ride to get right up close and personal, and talk about mist. It was like u were standing in the shower, they do give u these ponchos to cover yourself but u still get wet. Its really hard to open your eyes to look at the falls because of all the mist that is raining down on your face and it was so windy down there. It was an excellent experience. But because it was so wet i was reluctant to get my camera out (dont think u could have really seen much anyways) so took a photo of another group on the boat for you.

I had a great time on that tour and im so glad i got to do all those things, Niagara is a great place to visit!!!

Earlier this week i went to check out this castle called Casa Loma actually in Toronto. It was a nice walk around and had some interesting stuff in there. Here is a picture of the castle from the tower.

Ok so thats it for now, and probably the last blog for my trip. I might write a relfective piece when i get home but i only have today and half of tomorrow left to experience Canada so im going to go out there and do it!

Hope your all still well,
Love ya Bec

Posted by becjade 08:43

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