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JoJo Tours to Niagara

Wednesday i headed out pretty early to catch a tour to Niagara Falls. I was one of 11 people who all fitted into the back of this swish black vanny thing (you know what im like with cars, lol) and off to Niagara we went.

About a 1 1/2 hour drive later we arrived at the falls. I was the only one to take up the discounted ticket to go up the Skylon tower to get a bigger picture of the falls (they really dont know what they were missing out on, the pictures are the proof)!!!

This is the tower (obviously) lol.

And this is the awesome view you get of the Horseshoe Falls (the falls on the Candaian side of the river).

And just as awesome a view of the American (can u guess what side of the river that is on? lol) and Bridal Falls.

The large falls on the left are called the American Falls and the small one by itself on the right is the Bridal Falls. Together all three falls are the Niagara Falls.

After the tour i went on the 'Journey behind the Falls' which is where u take an elevator down and then walk through a tunnel that leads right out so that you can see the falls from behind. Obviously you cant go all the way to touch it because it is fenced off but you get to appreciate how loud and powerful it is by standing behind it. On the same 'journey' you walk out onto a platform and stand right beside the falls. This is where i took this pic from.

After that i took the 'Maid of the Mist' boat ride to get right up close and personal, and talk about mist. It was like u were standing in the shower, they do give u these ponchos to cover yourself but u still get wet. Its really hard to open your eyes to look at the falls because of all the mist that is raining down on your face and it was so windy down there. It was an excellent experience. But because it was so wet i was reluctant to get my camera out (dont think u could have really seen much anyways) so took a photo of another group on the boat for you.

I had a great time on that tour and im so glad i got to do all those things, Niagara is a great place to visit!!!

Earlier this week i went to check out this castle called Casa Loma actually in Toronto. It was a nice walk around and had some interesting stuff in there. Here is a picture of the castle from the tower.

Ok so thats it for now, and probably the last blog for my trip. I might write a relfective piece when i get home but i only have today and half of tomorrow left to experience Canada so im going to go out there and do it!

Hope your all still well,
Love ya Bec

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Our Canadian Road Trip

Last weekend we hired a car and drove up to Montreal. Almost made it there before having to stop and bunk the night at a hotel in Brockville (spelt something like that). got going again pretty early to get to Montreal about 11.30. Because we werent sure where we were heading, we took the scenic route over all 3 of Montreals bridges to make our way to the casino. We walked pretty much in and out there, (it has nothing on Melbourne) but at least did buy a better map so we had an idea about where we were going.

Montreal pics 039.jpg
Found our way to Old Montreal where they had street performers and we wandered around the small shops hidden there and found some great bargins!

Montreal pics 046.jpg
A bit of souviner shopping fun. Dont ask about what was in the background, lol, thats just where i happened to be standing at the time.

After that we searched for a hotel, and quickly realised that one star accomodation should really have been like -60 stars, so we then started looking at 2 stars.

Once settled into our motel and having got a parking fine, we headed out to find somewhere to have tea. Found a great pub/restaurant called les 3 Bassiers (oh yeah, everything was wirtten in French, very little English around anywhere, making it quite difficult to order tea) and we had a great waiter serve us (so tipped him well!!!).

This is our dessert, was really yum.
Big dessert!.JPG

Baz and I shared 2 pitchers so as u could imagine I was starting to get pretty happy.

After tea we wandered around headed out to a pub which had a nightclub upstairs so we boogied the night away, well a couple of hours anyways but we jus got too hot and sick of being bumped into so back to the hotel we went.

Montreal pics 074.jpg
Myself, Barry and Liss at the pub.

Had a great night sleep, got up and organised ouselves for a quick drive around town before it was time to head off again.

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Discovering Toronto

Visited the Toronto Zoo yesterday and saw my first bear. Unfortunately, the 2 Grizzly's didnt seem to have been let in on the fact that this was my last chance to see a bear! They slept in their holes, occasionally getting into another position, but pretty much just slept. I sat there for, oh i dont know about half an hour, hoping that they had had enough sleep and that any second now they would jump up and do some circus tricks or something, but apparently it was not on their agenda.

Not really that photogenic, this was the best i could do.

The polar bears however were much more entertaining, well one of them,so i watched it swim around for a while.Polar Bears.jpg

The zebra was a poser and didnt mind me taking pics of him, he jus kept eating his grass. He was nice and close though.

The ostrich seemed to be a little upset about something but took great photos.

But the highlight of the visit for me was the baby Orangutun. He was born in Janurary and there is a contest going to give him a name. He was sooo cute. They were both so close, sitting right next to the window. He didnt have proper control of his arms n legs so they were just flopping around. Then she started feeding him and after that pulled some straw up and put the sheet over it to make a bed for him. She plonked him there and then let him suck on her fingers. It was hard for me to pull myself away from them. :)
Mum Baby4.jpg

After the crappy weather when i got here, yesterday turned out to be a really good day, even got a little sunburnt from walking around the zoo.

Today looks to be another nice day so i might head up the CN Tower and snap the great view, then head down a little further to walk along the lakeside.

Hope u are all well.
Take care & love ya, Bec

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Arrived Safely

I have arrived in Toronto safely. Liss, Baz and Bianca where great at meeting me at the airport. From there we pretty much jus made our way home, made some pizza, caught up and went to bed.

Today we are hoping to go to a baseball game at about 1pm (if Liss is feeling up to it, she's feeling crappy-poor chicken) and i will get my first proper look at the city. Had cloud coverage pretty much all the way to the ground from the plane so am yet to see it.

Its great to be here,
Lots of love Becsta

This is a pic of Vancouver (cant remember if i have used it already) :)

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Only the Lonely

Last day in Whistler

My bedroom at Em & Kris place

Hey guys

Whislter Village with Blackcomb Mountain in the background.

This is my last day in Whistler. There has been the TELUS World Ski & Snowboard Festival happening here. i havent seen a whole heap of it but for most of the arvo u can hear the music pumping from (i think this is right) canada's largest FREE open air concert. if im not right its close to it. last night we listened to this really cool dj for a bit then left to do some shopping, then came back n listened to this other dj who jus wasnt that good (he couldnt keep the beat while changing songs which made it hard to dance to, plus he would intro these songs we knew but then wouldnt let us listen to the best bit of the song). we started to get annoyed with him after a while and he took forever cause after him this huge band called Jurassic 5 was coming on. Em and I had never heard of them. they were ok, but not as good as the first dj so we listened for a little while before heading home for some pre going out drinkies (malibu & coke and Vex's).
oh yeah and must tell u that there was pot every where at this concert! we couldnt get away from the smell of it! (another reason why we didnt stay to long) but yes the rumours are true, there is alot of it over here and they aren't afraid to smoke it in public. I, of course, kept my distance.

This is the address to see some of what has been happening here

This is the website for Whistler here in case ur interested (and now that im leaving, yes i know!!!)

Will be in Toronto at 7.30pm on Sat, and Liss and Baz will meet me at the airport and take me to their house which is only 1 hour away. so keep in ming that Toronto is canada's largest city and is said to be pretty stuck up (if a city can be that way!?)Apparently its into the arts heaps. check out this site and it might give u some insight into what i'm headed for

Emma & Kris' collection of bottles to be recycled. They actually give u some good money for them, and so they should because u pay an extra .20c for them at the checkout register. By the way the boxes are full of bottles.

Gotta head off now and do my last rounds of the shops while i can. There are all open late over here.

Emma & I at a pub in Vancouver.

Take care and lots of love, Becsta

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